Feywatch II

Our story thus far

Last autumn, a Brecht trading vessel set out on its annual route around the continent of Cerilia. On board this year were a party of sidhe and half-sidhe, on a secret mission. Over the course of the winter, they involved themselves in some serious trouble in varied ports and recovered a valuable treasure.

Alaric Mannheim began the voyage as the junior officer on the large trading ship, and ended it as captain of a lean fast warship, with a crew of devoted Vos warriors and a half-sidhe girlfriend.

Tanaqui set out as a sidhelien spellcaster, and by journey’s end, had become the wielder of a legendary magic spear. She felt ready to begin her path to regain a land lost to the sidhelien people.

Llewellyn and Rhiannon, mother and daughter, kin to Tanaqui, gained battle experience in defending their cousins.

Gilraen, originally servant to Tanaqui, eventually revealed her training from the secretive Daggerspell Guild.

More detail to come.


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